Giorgia Fri About


I started working with art around 15 years ago.
I mainly dedicate myself to performance art, collaborating with different important artists.
I have worked in galleries, museums, festivals, exhibitions, and private and public events.
I have worked as a model for artists, photographers, sculptors, and painters. I'm currently working as a life model at Harrow of the Hill School.
My main profession has influenced my style and my subjects:
Women and their bodies, the rule of the women and their power. In the past, I have been absorbing and experimenting with different techniques; I enjoy using colours and various materials. My art is still in evolution and is a continuous dedication.
When I paint, I don't start with a clear idea, but the canvas at one point lets me know what it wants to be.
My style is free, it is about constant improvisation, studying, mutation.
I have been using art as therapy in my holistic classes for mental health pregnant women. Action painting is part of my experience as a performance artist, and it involves the total use of the body in action and the immersion of the mind into the canvas. I come from body art, and some of my paints present parts of my body, like fluids and hair.
I enjoy using acrylics because they are bright and plastic; I use inks, pastels, chalks, resins, gold leaf, and ceramic.